About Us

  • holster Glamazon Jelly in Black held in hand on the beach
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    A tropical island, a luxury holiday destination.  Blue sky, clear blue water and white sands.  A couple sitting under a singular exotic palm tree.
  • holster footwear and bags are designed for summer living. Be light on your feet and slip into your holsters. They’ll take you from the beach and beyond in relaxed style. Say goodbye to badly designed footwear, since great design and comfort come as standard. Your holsters don’t just look amazing, they feel amazing too, with anatomic footbeds, arch supports and hidden air pockets for extra comfort. Great footwear design is in our sole (and our soul)! We believe in fantastic customer service, easy ordering, fast delivery, and of course, holsters that you’ll love.

  • holster model sitting on the sand on a desert island, wearing her Supermodel Jelly sandals in Monaco Blue, with beautiful diamante shimmering in the sunlight.
  • A lady doing yoga on the beach, whilst the clear blue sea laps against the shore, wearing comfy white linens
  • Mint tea in an exotically detailed glass.  The light catches the glass, as the silver spoon reflects the green mint and the glass